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GRASS FODDER IS THE ALTERNATIVE GROWN HYDROPONICALLY IN THE MORE ARID COUNTRIES WHERE FERTILE SOILS ARE DEPLETED & WHERE STOCK CANNOT AND HAVE NO ACCESS TO GRASS FEEDS. Many countries now suffer from droughts and require adequate grass fodder supplies for their livestock. We can provide Grass Fodder for any Middle East and Asian African country and systems complete or sell just the fodder. Interested parties please make contact with us. Hydroponics was born in the Middle East so its not a new idea.


Our systems are fully automated

The world recession has done nothing to stop the population of the world exploding. Gobal warming forget about as in the next decade the population of the world will increase by another 1 billion people. We are short of stock feed for cows, sheep, goats, cattle, horses and other animal livestock as deserts get bigger and man depletes the soil of nutrients for stock to survive. The situation in some countries is so bad that stock are left to die.

  The rapid expansion of population size since the end of World War II in the world's poorest nations has been a cause of their poverty. Over-population and continuing population growth are making substantial contributions to the destruction of Earth's life support systems. In the past, human populations have rarely been subject to explosion.. Only about 1/3 of the world area of land is classified as agricultural but some of this is being overtaken by acid soils too poor & where ferlizers are lacking. Thus, roughly two-thirds of the land area of the world is not suited for any sort of agricultural use because it is covered by cites, mountains, deserts, swamps, snow, etc. Of the 35 percent that can be devoted to agriculture, less than one-third (or about 10% of the total land area) can be cultivated and produce plant products that the human can digest. The remaining two-thirds of the world's agricultural land is covered by grass,deserts, shrubs or other plants that only ruminant animals can digest. Thus, the inefficiency of animals is not a major concern since they represent the only way these plants can be converted to human food. As the human population of the world increases, it is likely that we will be forced to depend more and more on ruminant animals to meet the increased demands for food. But the problem we have is that as man and nature take over the land there is less feed for the animals. With our GRASS FODDER SETUP this can change everything.

A desert cannot supply any animal fodder or food. But one of our systems here can sustain livestock as long as there is water & grain.


Population explosion is increasing to bursting point!!!!! Think about it--an extra 1,000 million will be living in the world's poorest African countries by 2050 & its a fact yet noone cares. Not enough food is grown as the soil becomes to acidic and dry and droughts are occuring more and more now. There will be an extra 120 million more Americans, and India will boot out China to become the world's most populous country. Nigeria is expected to have more than doubled its numbers to more than 300 million people and Bangladesh, one of the poorest, most crowded and disaster-prone countries, will double to over 280 million. Africa and Asia will be overstretched with the population explosion. Western Asian nations like Thailand, VietNam and Cambodia are expected to gain about 186 million people by 2050 and sub-Saharan African countries more than one billion people as the birth rate exceeds the death rate in high proportions which the so called NGOs are oblivious to stop.

One in every six person in western Europe will be over the age of 65 by 2050. Climate change and ongoing land degradation are widely expected to encourage further widespread movements of people and pressure for migration away from rural areas towards cities and richer countries.

Food production per hectare does not keep pace with increases in population, and the planet has virtually no more arable land or fresh water to spare so our livestock suffers. As a result, per-capita cropland has shrunk by more than half since 1960, and per capita production of grains, the basic food, has been falling worldwide for 20 years. The rich buy up more land and control most of what the earth is now. We are indeed on a sinking ship but we now have the life saver ofr our world's livestock ---GRASS FODDER.

GRASS FODDER feed for livestock is available and we make it. The way to the future is growing fodder and grass using the Hydroponic method & our system works. We grow our own oats and barley and sow our own fodder year round with no problems regarding supply. You can do the same with our system.


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We have our own seed growers & overseas storage facilities & can supply all your Fodder grass & grain needs anytime, anywhere


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