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We are presently constructing our new green house to grow our Fodder grass. We are looking at the most cost effective method including the full costs for construction, sale of nutrients & supply of grain to those farmers and livestock owner who wish to start their own setups in overseas countries like the Middle East and Africa. We have just set up the largest grain holding storage units and silos in Thailand and we have the capability of supplying even the largest grain fodder setup in the world. We also have our own family farms in NZ for growing oats and barley stocks in the mid North Island and will develop more in the east as our main business emphasis will be based in the Middle East. To get an idea of our grain storage facilities check the following

The above building covers approx 4 acres (8 Rai of land) with total turn arounds for our truck fleet



The costs for construction will be analysed and based on the best kitset format and cost effective system for the commercial grower in the Middle East. We plan to develop and make the most cost effective greenhouse for each region. As we have access to the largest Japanese aluminium and galvanized manufacturer in Thailand and materials made in Thailand we have the added benefit of providing all buyers with cheaper than ever materials on a per commercial setup shipped, packed and ready to go. Our emphasis is on setting up commercial viable green houses in the Middle East region including Africa and our first large house will be modeled in Algeria.

Our concrete pours were min 100cbm pours & even the fence we build has been contructed against earthquakes. Allows truck/trailer turnarounds and large grain storage facilities

The above and below systems were built under 1 year in Chiangmai and are the largest grain silos in the North of Thailand. Also under contruction is our fertilizer facility and we are working with MaeJo Agriculture University in Chiangmai on this project. The buildings you see above and below cover approx 8 acres and are fully constructed with steel and galvanized metal componantry ex Japan company based in Thailand.


These above silos were imported & constructed in Thailand. if you can visualize the pickup then you will see the enormity of what we can hold in our silos.

Our new system will be available to view in November 2010. We already have a setup overseas but we plan to make a system in Algeria for overseas development. Interested parties please contact us as we are looking for agents in all middle east countries. [ Check our system ]

Some 226,000 live cattle went to Lebanon in 2002, whereas the entire number of cattle sent abroad from the Union was 262,000. The bulk of the cattle came from just three member states France, Germany and Ireland. Export subsidies for the EU-Lebanon trade amounted to 52 million in that year.
Incoming member state Poland, which has 39 million people, is the second highest recipient country of live cattle from the EU taking 12,000 cattle in 2002.

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We have our own seed growers & overseas storage facilities & can supply all your Fodder grass & grain needs anytime, anywhere


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