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for Hydroponic grass fodder via Solar Power

From exporting mutton to feed construction workers building tomorrow’s cities, to serving up long-fed beef to the wealthy diners in high-end hotels, the extremes of the Middle East marketplace offer an extensive range of opportunities for the Australian red meat industry. The Middle East market is Australia's largest live sheep and sheepmeat destination as the middle east has too much desert and cannot breed or FEED their own stock numbers.. Mutton, lamb and beef products have established a market leading position, halal branding in the region is so big due to the inability of the Middle East to sustain stock numbers leading to self sufficiency. Our systems have the right answer GRASS FODDER FOR LIVESTOCK USING OUR SYSTEM

Middle east sales of livestock from Australia

For the financial year 2007-2008, Australia’s lamb sales increased 18% from 20,122mt to 23,743mt and beef increased 130% from 3,356mt to 7,718mt. The region maintained its position as our premier mutton market, up 3%, from 50,500mt to 52,188mt. In 2007, the UAE emerged as Australia’s second largest lamb market after the US. The greatest increases in volumes sold for all species was in the UAE.

Merino sheep are originally Spanish. The Australian Merino was developed in the early 1800s by John Macarthur from Spanish sheep (hence the name being Spanish). The Middle East markets have a preference for carcases in the 10 to 16kg (cw) range because of a perception that the smaller the lamb, the younger the animal. The local sheep breeds produce light and lean lamb carcases many with the characteristic "fat tail", that are considered to be the highest quality and subsequently receive the highest prices in the market. Importing these sheep and implement a grass fodder program can and will save millions for the Arab nations. Livestock shipped live is a cruel and inhuman method which has seen many deaths on trans shipment but as its money who cares.


The beauty about feeding your livestocl with our Grass fodder is the fact animals and much easy to handle and the manure from both the animals and the nutrient mix that one discards can be used for fertilizer on your land. This is an added bonus so nothing is wasted in this system.



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We have our own seed growers & overseas storage facilities & can supply all your Fodder grass & grain needs anytime, anywhere


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